Specialty Drinks

  • Ume Oh My

    ty ku sake, moscato, ume juice, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, ume yukari rim

  • Love Affair

    moscato, lillet, strawberry puree, soda, housemade lime sour

  • Just Peat It

    makers 46 bourbon, laphroaig 10 yr., brown sugar syrup, angostura bitters, water

  • Eden Cocktail

    prosecco, st. germaine, lemon juice

  • Hibiscus Pineapple Cocktail

    cruzan pineapple rum, mint, hibiscus syrup, fresh pineapple, housemade lime sour

  • Lychee Sangria

    moscato, prosecco, lychee puree, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange juice

  • Macadamia CHI

    kai young coconut shochu, fresh pineapple, lemon juice, orgeat syrup, coconut water

  • Yuzu Shiso Martini

    svedka citrus, yuzu, shiso, soda, sprite, housemade lime sour

  • Lychee Martini

    housemade lychee infused specialty vodka

  • Almond Eyes

    tanqueray no. 10 gin, disarrono amaretto, angostura bitters, house made lime sour, fresh orange, pineapple juice, soda

  • Guava Alo Rita

    sauza blue agave tequila, aloe juice, guava puree, housemade lime sour, black lava sea salt

  • Strawberry Yuzu Pop

    ty ku shochu, fresh strawberries, house made lime sour, simple syrup, yuzu citrus

  • Mui Thai

    bacardi 8, bols orange curacao, falernum, candied ginger foam

  • Paradise Mojito

    pau vodka, housemade lemongrass syrup, mango puree, mint

Bottled Beer

  • Big Island Brewhaus Golden Sabbath

    22 OZ., Big Island, Hawaii, 8% ABV

  • Angry Orchard Hard Cider

    12 OZ, Cincinnati, OH, 5% ABV

  • Deschuttes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA

    12 OZ, Bend, Oregon, 6.4% ABV

  • Ballast Point Brewery Co. Pineapple Sculpin IPA

    12 OZ, San Diego, California, 7% ABV

  • Stella Artois

    12 OZ, Leuven, Belgium, 5.2% ABV

  • New Castle Brown Ale

    12 OZ, Netherlands, 4.7% ABV

  • Budweiser

    12 OZ, St. Louis, Missouri, 5% ABV

  • Coors Light

    12 OZ, Golden, Colorado, 4.2% ABV

  • Guinness

    12 OZ, Dublin, Ireland, 4.1% ABV

  • Heineken

    12 OZ, Holland, 5% ABV

  • Buckler (Non-Alcoholic)

    12 OZ, Holland, <0.05% ABV

  • Fat Tire Amber Ale

    12 OZ., Fort Collins, Colorado, 5.2% ABV

  • Corona

    12 OZ., Mexico, 4.6% ABV

Draft Beers

  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale

    16 OZ, Newport, Oregon, 6.5% ABV

  • Kona Brewing Company Lavaman Red Ale

    16 OZ, Kona, Hawaii, 5.6% ABV

  • Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA

    16 OZ, Maui, Hawaii, 6.8% ABV

  • Maui Brewing Bikini Blonde Lager

    16 OZ, Maui, Hawaii, 5.1% ABV

  • Bud Light

    16 OZ, St. Louis, Missouri, 4.2% ABV

  • Kirin Ichiban

Canned Beer

  • Maui Brewing Coconut Porter

    12 OZ, Maui, Hawaii, 6% ABV

Japanese Beers

  • Echigo (Micro Brewery)

    17 OZ, Nigata, Japan, 5% ABV

  • Asahi Super Dry

    21.4 OZ, Tokyo, Japan, 5% ABV

  • Sapporo

    21.4 OZ, Sapporo, Japan, 4.9% ABV


  • “Hawaiian” Fruit Punch

    orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, coconut syrup

  • Smoothies & Virgin Daiquiris

    your choice of strawberry or mango

  • House Made Beverages

    made in house with fresh fruit purees including pineapple lychee soda, mango soda, strawberry or cherry lime-aid, and hibiscus or li hing lemonade

Iced Teas

  • Ito En Green Tea

  • Ito En Oolong Tea

  • Passion Fruit Iced Tea


  • Coconut Water

  • Hawaii Volcanic Still Water

  • Waiwera Sparkling Water

In addition to the above drinks, we offer a full assortment of Coca Cola soft drinks.